[Eternal] OBliteration - undefeated @ Worlds 2023

wowarlok 934

I played this amazing deck @ CoS and in a side event and won a total of 8 games, over half of which on turn 3, without dropping one.
I attribute some of my success to the inexperience of some of my opponents in the format, where underestimating Ob's capabilities can lead to a very quick demise.

Ob in eternal is a blast to play, with 10 cards in this list that can be trashed on demand (Estelle Moon, Cyberdex Virus Suite, Advanced Assembly Lines and Mark Yale), all with different rez cost and all being able to find combo pieces, value cards or just each other down the fetch chain.

Gaslight was a late include for me, but it instantly felt like it belonged in the deck despite the few targets: the ability to find the operation you're missing, or fetch up Paywall Implementation to shut off the runner's current in a pinch, are both extremally important.
Since something is likely changing in the ruleset of the format in the not-so-distant future, I'd like for gaslight to cost at least 1 point. The card is more versatile in eternal than it can ever be in standard at just 1 inf and with the prevalence of asset decks in the format I think it's a little too good to be free.
Unfortunately this will inevitably hurt NBN decks more and they aren't in the best position at the moment, so hopefully something can get a discount to help them out.