CtMatty - 6-1 Stirling CO

RoRo 562

CtM has fallen far, no longer the powerhouse it once was. But what if we accept that, and seek to make something new, would that be self growth?

CtM is back baby. It's good again. Awoouu (fire trace)

This deck was designed by the master of tempo 'Matty' Angedelo, spices toned down to taste. Vulnerabilty Audit costs influcence, who knew? The deck went 6-1 at the Stirling Circuit Opener, undefeated in swiss and dropping one game in the cut following some hellish flood. 4 kills, 2 scores.

People will be aware of the strength of Drago and as APAC has shown, the tempo hit of Self Growth can be significant. We leverage this with the still powerful ID ability of CtM to offer the runner nothing but difficult decisions.

The ideal board state will be drago, la costa and prisec in a remote, protected by a couple of gear checks (hold that ping to pile on the tags during trashing runs!). DBS remains very strong and you have some assets for econ - the deck runs relatively poor but also needs relatively few credits to function.

This creates those lovely CtM forks to stretch the runner to breaking. Value dragos to bounce breakers and boats with self growth are encouraged.

With this threat we can also score out, using la costa to never advance or little advance our agendas, while retaining the kill threat.

Your ice focuses on costly tagging ice or gear checks - room for improvement here, possibly fun house would be useful. Hydra was a late change as I was sick of Tolbooth - rezzed twice to some effect (but mostly because it was funny).

Your agendas let you score out but you could experiment with greater density - Send a Message may be better as a Degree Mill at the least since you have few targets (one fire all day, for enigma...).

As usual, loses usually come from R+D for the most part, keep the pressure on the runner to minimise opportunity for runs but be wary of Deep Dive.

Overall it's very fun, in fact maybe the most fun corp in all of netrunner. It gives both players lots of options! It uses tempo, tags as a non-binary resource bluffing -

23 Aug 2022 Angedelo

Everyone involved in tweaking and playing this deck is very handsome

23 Aug 2022 Terje

I thought I'd finally escaped having to play Adam against CtM. Thanks guys...

23 Aug 2022 Cpt_nice