The Hunt (1-3)

Nurgleprobe 1

Had not played for about a year and wanted to give my favorite faction Weyland a go. Played it horribly but had a blast playing the game again, mostly published to let people know on AlwaysBeRunning. ;)

Deck actually worked better than I thought and was able to surprise with some damage and removal. But, played poorly overall, would switch it up a bit now I had a feel for it. - 1 Sapper - 1 Colossus - 3x Observe and Destroy

  • 1 SEA Source
  • 1 Mr. Stone
  • 1 The All-Seeing I
  • 2 Punitive Counterstrike

OBS - Created this deck JUST to have fun. Don't be all to harsh <3 PS. I did have fun! :D