Please help me budget this my family is dying (2022 worlds s

mo0man 508

I'm not talking about the economy in this deck, I'm talking about my deck slots. please I don't want to delete my 150 jank hayley decks from 2013. Like this deck so I can get more slots. image

Anyway, this deck did ok on the day. I'm not going to do the math, but I bounced a lot of boats and had enough money to do the stuff I wanted to do. The ICE is cheap and there's plenty of money cards. I've been told it's weird, but I don't see how.

Maybe it could have been R+? cause there were more than a few times where I wanted the draw instead of the cash, but I do feel like being Azmari made me feel better against install-runner.

In any case, I had a lovely time this worlds, also in case you're curious I've been Terence forever in all netrunner contexts but I've just been too lazy to change it here. Ah well.

I'll edit a link to my runner deck HERE, unless I forget, which I will.