In Which I Attempt to Fast Advance Things and Murder Runners

Absotively 1064

You know what I miss? Butchershop. I mean, it was too powerful, and it definitely needed to be thwacked with the nerf bat, but I liked the basic game plan. I didn't realize how much I'd liked it until Jemison came out and I played A Ramp to Mars and I thought to myself, "This. This is what Real Netrunner(TM) should be all about: fast advancing things and murdering people."

Obviously, I have been playing variations on A Ramp to Mars ever since. I switched from Midseasons/BOOM! to SEA Source/Scorched Earth on the the theory that it doesn't require quite as much setup and people won't be quite as prepared for it. I made various other probably-unwise changes; the Junebug was the latest.

I had some moderate success at casual night, so I took this to regionals, where I of course lost every game I played with it.

The smart move here is probably to accept that butchershop is dead and no one but me is sad about it, and to focus on either FA or kill. But I think instead of doing that I'm going to try to put together a FA/kill deck in yellow next.

18 May 2017 Saan

Glad you liked my deck <3

I think within the next couple datapacks, Jemison is actually going to get crazy. I'm really looking forward to it. Also, add a couple Hunter Seekers in there! It's been my favorite card for a while in basically every Weyland deck I build. It doesn't auto-win you, like, every game or anything, but it sure does work. Also, it literally does auto-win you the game sometimes.

18 May 2017 Absotively

You are very right, I should put in Hunter Seeker. Especially since the one game that I almost won was the one where I somehow accidentally impersonated a rigshooter deck.