Destroyer of Amina

lilelia 323

So named because in the tournament I'm publishing this for, Neurostasis shuffled two Aminas, and I honestly consider that my main achievement of the whole thing.

Took this to York regionals and went 4-1, which isn't all that much since my runner went 1-4 and there were lots of corp splits all day. For the real achievement of the deck, see above.

Wins against Jes, 2x419, MaXx, loss to Leela. Most games were pretty darn close, with the exception being the Leela game (flooded with not enough ice/econ to actually score).

Name of the game is go fast or go faster. Only 20 ice in a next deck may seem too light, but if you always mulligan 1 or 0 ice, you end up with ~2% chance of 0 ice and ~8% chance of 1 ice. And 2 ice is enough - one on remote and one on whatever central is more important for the match-up. Then turn one is second ice on remote, and either asset or agenda plonked in there, preferably with an advanced assembly lines or lateral growth included.

Every agenda advances your plan by either giving you credits or saving you clicks, which is super necessary because if you stop to take credits at any point you've probably lost.

The ice is mix of cheap and mid-range - you aim to rush before they can find their rig for the first agenda (and second if they're slow), and before they can find enough econ/clicks to finish up.

Games at the tournament were pretty standard: most had me score my first agenda turn 2, and 2nd turn 4 or 5. In one of them I only won because they couldn't find their Amina again after I shuffled it (they had all the credits and were set up otherwise). In other I Timely Public Released an Owl while they were on 0 credits to get rid of their Engolo, giving me the final scoring window.

I leave you with the words of Blonde Haired Hacker Girl, as a truly ringing endorsement of the deck: "That looks fine"

11 Aug 2019 Cliquil

Love it. I've been toying with something along these lines myself but for some reason Next didn't occur to me which looks like it might have been a mistakey to makey. Did you ever consider going with Guard for your Sentry "you have to go find your sentry breaker now please" option or was it always just better to go with things that go better on stacked remotes?