Ken Goes To Vegas

Koschei 140

Most of them are small fries. Bank accounts. Trust funds. Why do they have to be so small-time? I take the way of the gamble. I like the rush, Draining the entirity of a casino is where it's at. After the job is done, go to the downtown strip for a deep-fried twinkie to play $5 blackjack with a dealer named Yum-Yum. Pure bliss.

Cards Of Note

High-Stakes Job - Let the haters hate. A well placed high-stakes job with a boomerang can send your early game soaring. Even better with the Prepaid VoicePads.

Prepaid VoicePad - Saves a TON of credits over the course of the game. Drop them early if you can.

Rebirth - Go go gadget Steve.

Turning Wheel - I only have one in the deck, but you could shuffle a couple cards in and out to make a 2nd one fit.

Miss Bones - I have 2, because Gagarin and CtM are asset-happy.

Breakers - I have included 2 of each because the deck has to set up as fast as possible. Nobody wants the corp to win that race.

You'll probably want to search for a boomerang in your opening hand, along with any of the run events. If you find voicepads that's a great start as well. Once you're set with some credits you can dig for the breakers. Boomerang a run event when you can, especially if it's a HSJ or DoF.

The deck routinely goes over 30 credits, which really helps with pounding into heavy servers. Happy running!