Friendly IG - 2nd at Fresno SC (1st after Swiss) - 5-1

uclapunk69 104

Absolute love this deck. Not easy to pilot, but pretty well placed in the current meta.

Took maxey's deck, swapping 4 cards. I do regret dropping the 2nd Genetics, as well as the 2nd Tech. Had a few kill windows in grand final, but couldn't pull trigger because no Ronin on table. Right now, I'd probably - 1x Psychic for +1x Tech Startup, and -1x Jackson for a 2nd Friends, because that card does work in IG. No clue what to drop for the 2nd Genetics.

Went 5-1 on the day, all wins by flatlines. Beat Kate, Eddy Kim, and Hayley in Swiss, followed by 2-1 against more Hayleys in the cut.

Runner side, took Dumblefork Whiz (

24 Jan 2017 Blitz40k

This deck is brutal. One of those prison decks where while your trying to figure out what you can do about the fact that you cant trash anything and checking any server will result in potential damage , then you suddenly die. Unless your packing an increased hand size or damage prevention (and most damage prevention isnt enough to block out all the potential sources damage can come from while you root around for a few agendas) or you manage to top deck agendas. It's bloody hell. This deck is the sole reason I played Apex. But then apex lost to NBN and I didnt have to play him. FML.

25 Jan 2017 bakunin75

Really tough to play against, as this deck is really punishing when piloted well, especially when you are not Slums-Whizzard. I guess thats the main reason I dislike this archetype, as it pretty much forces you to be that uninspired Whizzard guy, if you want a good matchup.