[UK Nats 2018] BFG Division (90th)

FragSpider 87

Do you just find CV-Zero annoying? Do you just want to grab a minigun and show Maxx what a true rampage looks like? Do you have Mick Gordon's DOOM soundtrack constantly blaring in your ear? If so; do we have the deck for you!

Main idea of this deck is to put out so much damage that literally the Runner can no longer engage without killing themselves (unless they are playing Paparazzi... but everything needs a weakness, right? :P)

Use BoN's own ability with Priority Construction/Dedication Ceremony/Oduduwa to set up advanced Data Ravens & Kakugo's in horrid places whilst providing an interlocking meat-damage defence with Mr. Stone, Dedicated Response Team & Prisec across servers making any run a potential damage nightmare. Use Overseer Matrix on HQ in conjunction with Mr. Stone to just outright turn CV-Zero off. Reconstruction Contract to combo with the ludicrous meat-damage output of the deck, let alone use Dedication Ceremony to FA out agendas such as Cleaners or Chronos to help keep the game plan ticking over. Use City Works as bait in damage servers to just eliminate any tricks the runner has in thier hand.

On the day; the deck performed far better than I expected, and Mr. Stone caught many people off guard; especially those who wanted to either take tags or try to CV whilst Overseer was active. Highlight of all the games was a somewhat brutal Chronos score for 40 cards out of a Maxx deck (including thier Levys)!

Had lots of fun on the day, and I would like to thank all my opponents for some memorable games! :)

1 Sep 2018 Cpt_nice

Liked because that Doom soundtrack is sweet af