Spicy Titan Variant - 5th place @ Seattle SC

Runaway 137

This is CableCarnage's "Spicy Titan" with two changes; I dropped the Cortex Lock for a Formicary, and used the extra influence by switching a Rashida for another Archived Memories. Being able to surprise move Formicary to defend a naked server is great, and having the extra Archived helps when facing runners with hand trashing effects.

In testing I had also tried this deck out of Argus, dropping the extra Archived Memories and slotting a High Profile Target, but not getting free Atlas counters really hurts your ability to close out games, so I switched back to Titan for the store tournament.

  • In the round one win against @Colin2x3zb9cy's Smoke deck I lost an early City Works Project to Maw, but then I got the Atlas train running and closed out the game.

  • In round two I got this deck's only loss, against @anarchomushroom's Adam. I had a chance for a Punitive/Neural EMP kill after losing a City Works Project but I had mistakenly tossed the Neural the previous turn. I was a credit short for Punitive, Archived Memories, Neural; if I had kept the Neural I could have done Punitive, Credit, Neural to win. And (of course) I was on stream for this game.

  • In the round 3 win against @steve_rhino, I fed his Alice an early City Works with Punitive in hand, determined not to make the same mistake twice.

  • In the round 4 win against @plural I couldn't get an early Atlas or Hostile and eventually double-Dedication Ceremonied out a City Works using a Reconstruction Contract that he hadn't bothered to check. I was able to get set up again after his Lat deck did an Out of the Ashes + Apoc + Notoriety turn, and scored out two Atlases, first with Dedication / Reconstruction and then with Trick of Light.

This deck felt pretty solid and I was surprised to be the only Titan in the match (although there were two CTZ Morph Sportsmetal fast advance decks present).

Thanks to CryptoGraham and PureFlight for TO / streaming / commentary, and to all my opponents for good games!