nasir chameleon

zzzthemaskzzz 64

Are you willing to toss away the way you run? are you ready to live on the edge? Warning: this is not an unbeatable deck, so please dont use it against tag-storm, butchershop deck. however nasir is definitely be able to run agaisnt pretty much any other match up

So what can a runner that cannot accumulate credit do? well, you cant play him like any other runner. The main idea of my deck is using recurring credits for everything. Order of sol and PWS gonna let you install everything in a crazy speed. How crazy? is 3 RnD interface after 4 turn crazy enough? Chameleon is a shapeshifting lizard that can go up to 6 strength, and you dont have to pay anything cuz saharasa and PWS gonna do all the hard work. Of course you gonna need cred for subroutine so those lovely hardware gonna provide you. And that is without the credit gain from ID ability. with it you will constantly pressure the corp to rez ice and you can go through it while installing your rig? how more multi-tasking more can it be? As any bold, daring character, he's sure to have enemies. The biggest nemesis for every runner: caprice nisei, this card is just broken Tag storm, butchershop: for obvious reason Popup window: well.....parasite it i guess Space ice: usually it is quite long and obvious, so you can deal with it