Twinning Zahya (0-4 NYC CO)

lanzaa 8

On paper (I thought) this deck seems very competent. Cezve allows for much value when running centrals and in combination with Twinning, you basically get paid to make runs with all the multi-access. With your set up complete, you can basically lock down HQ and RND.

In practice, this deck (likely me) was unable to perform. The majority of games were close however I couldn't close them. In half my games I ended up getting some of my key cards trashed (losing an early class act, getting a twinning blown up after just previously discarding my other copy) which really does make it harder to finish. Even with the cezve and twinning value, at times I felt like I was struggling with credits.

With no runner wins to my name, I placed 12/18.

I am not sure if I will continue to tweak this, or just move on to the newer runners.

Shout out to the players and Cat for running a great event.