I am always sad to see a great artwork and theme on a "meh" card.

I see how you are trying to find some good viewpoints for it, but in any normal deck this will just not make the cut. Maybe in future there opens up a new avenue for such effect, but currently I can see this only as a funny way to surprise someone when they install agenda in scoring remote with rezzed Caprice and be like "come get it" and you then install this and then you both burst into tears of laughter because this was the only time in 1000 games when this card got a useful effect.

Let's look at this from Corps perspective. Let's say I have a useful Upgrade sitting in a remote.. I will rez it to keep it there paying the few credits and you will make regular asset.. no actual lose on my end as I would have done that also if you had run on the remote.. Let's say it's unadvanceable trap that I don't rez because why would I - you spend click and credits to get into RD just to put it back into my reach.. ok, I lost the click for install and the maybe favorable condition of setup, but I can get it back - in return you probably lost more than me. Let's say I have an agenda.. well if the remote is secure I would advance it to keep it there, if the remote is unsecure - thank you for shuffling it back into RD for me.

In the current cardpool I really cannot imagine a common situation where you would play this.