This can be a great card, depending on when you install it and your opponent's deck. 1 influence means it can be splashed in many decks. 1 credit may not seem like a lot, but it can easily build up, especially in the early game. And unlike Ice Analyzer, you can use these credits for anything. The recurring credit for traces is a nice bonus, and can be seen as a self-defense mechanism to prevent this card from getting trashed. Also of note, you gain a credit immediately after the ice is rezzed.

An install cost of 2 is a little expensive, especially because you are likely to install this right before running servers with unrezzed, unknown ice. If your opponent uses a lot of ice, you'll already be tight on creds for runs. If your opponent installs few ice, you won't benefit from this card as much. In addition, creds are directly added to your credit pool, which can be tampered with more readily than creds on Ice Analyzer.

Overall, this is a good econ card, but dependent on the cards on the table. It is worth considering in the average deck, regardless of faction or playstyle.

Could be good in Nasir. —
nope this card is just bad. 1 recurring credit for Trace, really? I'd rather have 1 link up. —
just clairifying the previous post, and if I know how Nasir works, you gain the coin when they rez, and then loose it when you encounter. With a workshop build it could be OK, but I don't see this being anything spectacular. —
This is a nice supplement when you run The Supplier anyways. In any other case you might not want this. —