The important thing about sapper is that it exists...

Sapper is the first trap that you can fire from R&D/HQ that can trash a program (and this is where it shines tbh, it is a really crappy piece of ice - i shall retract this statement i was bitter about mimic at the time) , and as easy as it is to play around (by having a killer) you still have to play around it which is what makes this card important.


Having played sapper a reasonable amount recently, this card really shines in decks that aim to rush. It adds an extra layer of psuedo gearcheck. Against rush decks, most players will focus on finding their fracter early. Sapper means that central pressure without a killer installed becomes risky buisness. The combination of these two things means that sapper has the effect of slowing down runners that play around it whilst losing the corp no tempo and doubling up as a decent enough piece of ICE.

I think it's unfair to say it's a crappy piece of ice. It's the cheapest to rez program trashing card in the game and can't get evaporated by Parasite. That makes it pretty decent already. —
Yeah, it's break/rez ratio is better vs. Mongoose than Cobra or rototurret. —
It only does anything when a program is installed. This is a good tool when most of your ice are barriers and code gates. If so, then the trap effect is useful on centrals. A good use I had with it was when running grail ice. Lancelot is usually best kept in hand anyways. —

This card is good, like really good.

If it isnt firing the corp is probably losing. A free credit/turn with easier requirements and lower install cost than data folding? Pretty good if you ask me. A free card or click? Wyldside and Pancakes showed us just how broken those things can be.....

It is super good. Get it out early and it'll pay off big time with extra credits and draws. If you are facing a corp running Restructure or the like, you may even get some free clicks! If this doesn't fire on a particular turn, then no big deal; it is always nice when the corporation has no money. I don't see any reason not to include at least one in any Shaper deck from here on out. —