This is easily the worst card in the game. 9 clicks for 11 credits (in total, including drawing and installing) means this only breaks even (compared to clicking for credits) after spending 7 clicks on it; before click 7 you're behind on credits. No-one should even waste their time reading the text on this card, let alone including it in their deck. If you even consider using this card, you should stop playing Netrunner. I can't believe you're wasting time reading this review.

Very good points, I used to use this card, and slowly it kept getting cut for different more efficient assets, but I never realized just how poor the ROI was until now. But Worst Card in the game? Not while Push Your Luck exists, and is mathematically a negative ROI. —
I don't think you can call a card that made the top tables at Worlds "the worst card in the game". But even outside of Blue Sun, it's useful in Gagarin as "yet another stupid remote", and has historically seen some play as anti-siphon tech. You could rez it during a siphon to hide your money somewhere safe. The original Dorian's Blades list uses it in this way, for instance. —