One of the oldest cards outside of the core set to have real staying power, Plascrete is one of the games most common solutions to kill decks. Once Scorched Earth and now BOOM!, meat damage has been the meta's preferred means of killing for most of the games lifetime. Not a sexy card to talk about, but many still consider this card to provide protection.

Does meat damage also include net damage? —
@Kutpurse it does not; to prevent damage you'll need something like Feedback Filter, Net Shield etc —

Faust is among the most popular icebreakers in the meta. With multiple draw sources for Anarch like Wyldside, Inject, Obelus (with multi-access) and the Anarch recursion capabilities, Faust has many strengths and few weaknesses. Additionally complimentary breakers like the equally popular Paperclip can be installed directly from the heap after having been pitched. And while more "AI hate" ICE are being printed (e.g. IP Block, Chiyashi), none of them are yet as popular as Swordsman once was. Faust is likely to extend its run as one of the most common breakers in the game.