I've tried a few times to make a deck with this ID, and it isn't easy. The ability leads to interesting interactions with the runner, and I consider it one of the most interesting corp IDs printed. Using cards like Tapestry and Eli 2.0, you can immediately draw used econ cards, put a snare on top of R&D mid run, or recur nasty assets. Unfortunately, as with every other non-core HB ID, you need to be getting a lot out of the ID's ability, or else why not just play core EtF? This is doubly problematic with this ID, as there are very few ways to force the runner to lose a click.

  • If you use Bioroid ice as means to trigger the Seidr, you have to have a lot of 1.0 ice to allow click 3 runs with chances to click for subs. Good runners will still avoid clicking through your ice, and will prefer simply paying for subs after initial face check.
  • If you use non-Bioroid ice with "lose a click" subs, you are still likely to only trigger it on a lucky face check.
  • If you rely on Mason Bellamy, the runner will just run last click to avoid losing all their clicks anyway.
  • You run Ronald Five and tons of asset spam. Here you lose out on the 1 credit a turn from ETF (which is practically guaranteed in asset spam HB), and will only trigger as long as Ronald Five is rezzed and active, so you'll need to put him in a well iced server.

If anyone sees any other main options, let me know, but from my perspective, the best bet is Ronald Five asset spam - which still is probably better in EtF. If you really want to be cruel, recur Friends in High Places. I've seen decks that try this though, and you end up cutting stronger assets for more econ cards as a result of losing Etf credits. In the end, the ID makes for infrequent and interesting choices which are largely overshadowed by the infamous core HB ID.

You can use ELP to force the Runner to lose clicks. You can use Load Testing or MCA Austerity Policy to make it happen with 100% guarantee. —
does ELP trigger it? i don't know if "spend an extra click to make a run" is the same as "losing or spending a click during a run" —
I don't think ELP works. Neither does Load testing because they don't lose it during the run. —
Same with MCA Austerity Policy. —
qualman2102 is right, those trigger outside of the run, and thus don't trigger the ID —
Yeah, my bad. Then this ID is worse than I thought. —
So, since ETF isn't a thing anymore, should we try this out? —