• costs 0 for Kate
  • 3 clicks to do what you want is and I've Had Worse in faction for all Shapers, and it's a flexible Diesel where you can play a card or two instead of drawing aggressively


  • 3 MU is a lot of MU to work around on most rigs
  • Power Shutdown is a thing in some scenes
It's important to note that Hyperdriver can be a Diesel (for Kate), or a better Sure Gamble (if you already have Opus), but the true strength of the card is that it's both an efficient card *and* an enabler of insanse shenanigans like 7x Keyhole or Quest Completed-> 3x Notoriety. —
Or, as I have been having lots of fun with, Eater, Hyperdriver and Wanton Destruction to clear out 5 cards from hand and have a click left to check archives! Or Same Old Thing Wanton Destruction to clear out 5 card! —
I've only ever seen Hyperdriver on a Leprechaun, in a Chaos Theory deck, or both. Fix that MU problem though and you can really make use of the ability. At one credit it is an absolute steal. —
I saw 3 MU, I said "that's for Sunny!" —