I've always considered this as a paid ability for the Datasucker token utility. When Datasuckers are used in a rig that only uses tokens and fixed breakers, then there is usually that moment in the game where the corp can put a tax on all the centrals and map out a scoring window by purging the tokens. I think this card was originally made to give Anarchs a way to continue using their fixed breakers after being shut out of centrals with taxing ICE.

Unless you are using cards that give runs multiple benefits such as Desperado, Security Testing, John Masonori, etc.. I think Wyrm can still provide some advantages over datasucker with the right economic engine. There have been several times I just dug into archives 2-4 times a turn for the tokens. It would be much more efficient to simply grab some money off of Armitage Codebusting or better yet Liberated Accounts and cut that ice down into the range of the Yog.0s and Mimics. Even clicking for a credit is a safer bet when your runs are accomplishing nothing else. I think any Anarch using the classic DS/fixed suite should throw at least 1 of these guys in here for that late game shutout, and out of faction that relies heavily on the Datasuckers should give the card a moment of consideration for that crucial burst of speed.

Something I would like to know is how well this card could work with other breakers that are expensive to bump their strength. Instead of spending 2 credits to increase a card like Femme, you could just chop the ice down to size a bit and get through much cheaper than you would have otherwise. It could possibly balance out the price of using Ninja, or even some stealth breakers that you would have had to originally pay another stealth token to increase the strength enough. I have not had the chance to test these yet, so input would be appreciated,

I wouldn't consider this a tier 1 card, and would be shocked to see it top level competition. But I think this card is being overlooked for some of the overall utility that it provides.

@Feasul when pricing something to break an Eli, you gotta factor in the ability to click through it. Depending on your econ it could just be better to go through if it would cost you more than 4-6c to break if you are really needing to get through. I will note its a highly inefficient breaker, but if you compare it to a Crypsis that would pay the same amount to balance the strength of ICE to breaker, then a click per subroutine, Its valuing the cost of that click to 2c. The choice then again comes down of your ability to make that 2c when it counts.

Breaking a 4 strength ice by lowering to Femme's strength with Wyrm is actually more expensive. —
Your comment about Femme makes me think you might've overlooked the fact that Wyrm needs to be boosted up to the same strength as the ice to be able to lower said ice's strength. Which would mean your whole review is misguided... Just checking! —

I think this card can find some use, especially with some new ways of getting clicks during the runner's turn. Even without the extra clicks, you could pull out some crazy event combos with planned assault and same old thing. Toss in a power nap or two after burning through double events like a diesel junky, take her to the pawnshop and enter the lategame with the corp sweating from being broke and 2-3 agenda points behind.

It has been the general consensus that she wouldn't be uswful until better double events came out. I think the double events are just fine. I'm excited for play with her now that the runner has access to more clicks during their turn to make up for the click lost