Run 20 1-pointers, money, Midseasons, SEA Sources, Scorches, Traffic Accidents and Closed Accounts and 3 slots to season to taste (Casting Call right now for me, but I'll switch to Snatch and Grab if Film Critic enters my meta). I've got a 93% win rate with it against L4J, which is easily the worst match-up for it, ignoring Film Critic, at least of anything I've seen in my meta.


-If you get at least 2 points above the runner, you've almost auto-won. -Profiteering is pure gold. -The Future is Now is amazing for it, once it's legal. -Money only matters for traces, scoring agendas, and scorches, which makes it easier to sit on a pile of cash. -False Lead makes Casting Call a death sentence. -Breaking News is best left out and then scored, sniping economy or opening up a scorch if they fall under 4 cards (or traffic accident if they fall below two). -The deck is amazing for tourneys, as it's easy (and quick!) to play, but exerts a lot of mental pressure on your opponents.

The meta will adjust. Paper Tripping might beome a thing, Paparazzi will be out, Plascrete and IHW can counter damage, and Edward Kim will be a pain for a deck with Midseason as wincon, but no ICE. Also Keyhole makes this deck a sad panda. Also, Sunny Lebeau laughs at your puny traces. —
Possibly the first time a card review has inspired fan fiction: —