This will be the card that brings magnum opus builds back.

Cybersolutions mem chip was always just a little bit too expensive for opus builds to be fast enough for NBN. Leprechaun only costs 1 with kate, and even has extra potential upside, as it sometimes gives 3 MU if it's hosting an opus and SMC.

Can a program that is already installed be moved to Leprechaun if Leprechaun is installed after the other program? Jinteki let me do that, but I am not sure that is legal. —
I'm pretty sure once a program is installed, it can't be "relocated" to a daemon or anything, so Jinteki appears to be incorrect in allowing you to do that. —

One of the most underplayed cards imo. Each time you prevent a meat damage it's almost the same as if you drew a card, and runners get to draw cards at approximately the same rate as they can get credits. So this card basically gives you a credit per turn. Most runner economy cards are finite-use, like daily casts, or require heavy click investment, like magnum opus. The only other comparable card, underworld contact, is more expensive to install and makes you build your link before it starts working. Any runner looking for infinitely repeatable economy should give this a chance.

The benefits are stackable? —
No, they're not stackable. It's a good addition in Anarch deck now I've Had Worse is released. Cheaper than Plascrete, easier to install than Utopia Shard, it protects you from single scorched right on the fly if you have 4 cards left before installing it. It saved my ass more than once (not always, though). Consider it if your deck don't have heavy economy. —
Could be used with cybernetics in the new cycle to reduce their meat damage cost, of course only once per turn. —

On paper this effect looks fine - you get a one-shot effect to not have to spend the normal cost it would take to advance your next agenda or trap. But when I put together a deck's economy, I'm looking for a better return than that. Hedge fund gives you 4 credits; this card only saves 1 credit and 1 click, and you had to spend your whole last turn getting it scored anyway.

Furthermore this agenda doesn't protect itself, is only worth a meagre 2 points, and the mind-games it lets you play by using the counter mid-run are fun in casual games but not quite competitive. I want my agendas to provide unique effects that you can't get with your ice and economy slots. For example private security force lets you kill the runner and project ares blows up the runner's rig. Compared to that, helping you advance your next agenda is pretty marginal.

Overall a C- card. Hopefully they release something later to combo with it.

You're a smart guy, clearly picked up some flashy tricks, but you made one crucial mistake. You forgot about the essence of the game. It's about the Cones. —
Are you serious? either way very funny comment —
Ha, love it. The joke that is, I wholeheartedly disagree with the original comment. —

The thing is, this review is like the reviews of ZenCadenza, except this one is on the top, so it can confuse newbies (however these probably shouldn´t play eternal until they get to know the game more)