This card seems pretty so-so at first. Okay, it piles on the bad pub at the cost of an entire turn (keeping in mind it has to have been installed the previous turn). But for most decks, getting bad pub beyond the first is just icing on the cake. So how do we make this card better? We sweeten the deal so we get something more than just another free credit for a run.

Enter Raymond Flint.

Every instance of firing Investigative Journalism lets you access a card from HQ. You don't even have to make a run to get into their hand. But spending an entire turn to see one card? We can do better.

Install some HQ Interfaces. There's no conditional trigger of a successful run, so you're seeing additional cards each time. And if you want to load more cards into HQ to pluck them out, consider Eden Shard to give yourself a few more options.