My complaint would be that the runner would need to have 11-12 credits before it is better than a stimhack, but honestly, Just like many decks that find the influence for a stimhack, a 1-of hail mary card is not a terrible idea. a 50% chance at keeping the game going that you previously had 100% of losing, that's realistically, more than you're going to get from just about any other card in the game.

In order for this to be as good as a Sure Gamble (net +4 creds), you'd have to spend 2 to play and then wager an additional 4, meaning you'd need 6 creds in your pool, with a 50/50 chance of losing those 6 creds. So, based on those odds, I'd play it if I was going to get double that of a SG, which means I'd need 10 creds to get 18. Or 0. Man, that it rough. —