Program: Virus • Install: 2 • Memory: 1 • Influence: 2

Install Parasite only on a rezzed piece of ice.

Host ice has -1 strength for each virus counter on Parasite and is trashed if its strength is 0 or less.

When your turn begins, place 1 virus counter on Parasite.

Anarch • Bruno Balixa • Core Set #12
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A terribly fun card.

Pairs great with Hivemind and Virus Breeding Ground and/or Incubator for instantly or quickly trashing ICE. You can add Déjà Vu for some recursion, and three of these pieces are tutorable with Djinn. This combo also lends itself nicely to Medium, Nerve Agent, and Chakana for accessing extra cards from central servers or slowing down FA.

Can it single-handedly wipe the board clean? No. But it's still fun.


A terrible card.

First of all, it costs 2. That's twice as much as Wyrm, the next card, and a LOT more than Scheherazard. Next, the ice has to be rezzed? You can't even play this card if there are no rezzed ice. And ice can only can rezzed when you run. So this card will be sitting in your hand most of the time. Finally, this card does absolutely nothing for most of the game. If you put this on Wraparound, you will pretty much always lose before it can actually whittle the ice down! And Architect completely nullifies this card!

Overall, this is just a terrible card that needs some new big cards to make it even remotely playable.

Wait, whaat? :) —
Not to mention the hard counter of Lotus Field. I mean, it's like the game designers didn't even look at the card pool before coming up with this bs —
I mean, you could maybe do some jankiness by comboing with Wyrm, but if you're throwing this trash in your deck just to make Wyrm playable you should rethink your life. —
Um... just so people who are looking at this don't get the wrong idea, this card is very, very, very, good, and there's a reason why they designed Lotus Field and Architect to be un-parasite-able. —
this is a great card. do not be fooled. there is often a huge ice on the table that costs more than $2 to chew through. Slap parasite on it and run on it. if you have datasuckers or ice carvers or yes, even the lowly wyrm down, you can often destroy the offending ice immediately. —