Event • Cost: 2 • Influence: 2

Add 1 card (or up to 2 virus cards) from your heap to your grip.

Anything worth doing is worth doing twice.
Anarch • Tim Durning • Core Set #2
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Déjà Vu


  • utility value of unrestricted recursion is enormous, being able to get whatever card you need at a key moment can win games
  • nice value when used to recur two viruses


  • 2, the to play, plus a cardslot in the deck is a high price to pay to recur one card, so its unlikely to be used for economic efficiency
  • useless in early game before cards are in the heap

Notable Interactions

  • MaxX's ability gets cards into the heap fast, turning this into a kind of tutor
  • excellent with limited-use viruses that are expended or trashed after achieving their effect, such as Parasite, Imp and Cache
    • Aesop's Pawnshop or Chop Bot 3000 work nicely with this to get expended viruses, like an Imp with no tokens, into the heap ready to be recurred - and giving the runner a bonus benefit too
  • very worthwhile using to recur any card that can exploit a temporarily undefended central server, such as Account Siphon, Indexing, Keyhole, Sneakdoor Beta, Legwork, The Maker's Eye

Final Thoughts

  • a powerful staple of the Anarch faction, many anarch decks will run 1-2 copies, hoping to see them in the mid to late game, once many of their powerful tricks are in their heap.
  • rarely seen outside Anarch, as the 2 influence is expensive for a utility card, and the 2-viruses benefit is unlikely to get used out of faction
  • but a third copy can result in seeing too many copies too soon, clogging up your grip and eventually having to be discarded
  • except as must-have card (3 copies) for MaxX decks, as they become unrestricted tutor and recursion for her very early in the game