ICE: Barrier • Rez: 1 • Strength: 1 • Influence: 1

Ice Wall can be advanced and has +1 strength for each advancement token on it.

End the run.

"I asked for ice as impenetrable as a wall. I can't decide if someone down in R&D has a warped sense of humor or just a very literal mind." -Liz Campbell, VP Project Security
Weyland Consortium • Matt Zeilinger • Core Set #103
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Ice Wall

A great little ICE from the core set what more can i say.

Well its cheap to res with low Str and thats part of its power it makes the runner go get their breaker for a low price. It can also b advanced allowing use of other cards like Trick of Light & Commercialization with the bonus that the Ice will be harder to get through at the same time.


Cheap to res.

Low Influence to take out of faction.

Can be Advanced


Weak without Advancements

Takes time & 's to get strong.

Using builder and Hollywood Renovation, my personal record is a 14 strength ice wall. —