Asset: Executive • Rez: 0 • Trash: 3 • Influence: 1

: Draw 2 cards.

Remove Jackson Howard from the game: Shuffle up to 3 cards from Archives to R&D.

"It is my job to ensure our creations are the perfect companions and edutainment for tomorrow's consumers."
NBN • JuanManuel Tumburus • Opening Moves 15
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Jackson Howard

Known as JH, Jesus Howard, or the Corporation's Savior.


  • right before the final access step of a run on Archives (or himself), an installed JH can be rezzed for 0 and removed from game to immediately rescue Agendas from Archives and shuffle them back into R&D
  • the to draw to cards option is also powerful to find cards you need
    • normally so much draw could lead to drawing too many agendas ('Agenda flooding'), but with JH the Corp can just trash any excess agendas drawn then use JH's second ability to shuffle those agendas back into R&D for later
    • the ability to overdraw, trash any excess agendas, then reshuffle them into R&D is very powerful and probably JH's signature ability
  • extra copies of JH can be used to reshuffle any powerful events or other used and trashed cards to use again later in the game


  • takes up 3 card slots, and 3 influence for non-NBN Corps
  • 3 trash cost is low enough that the runner will nearly always trash JH if accessed
  • doesn't directly help the Corp win, mostly he helps them not lose

Notable Interactions

  • after an Indexing run, JH's remove-from-game ability can be used just before access on the following run to reshuffle R&D, denying access to the Agenda that was certainly just placed on top
  • using JH to reshuffle event econ like Hedge Fund, Sweeps Week or Restructure back into R&D lets the Corp get more use out of them in a game
  • can even be used to recycle trashed ice against runners that are trashing a lot of it with Parasite or Forked/Knifed/Spooned
  • invaluable to rescue Agendas against Anarch decks that trash a lot of cards, using Noise and viruses, Wanton Destruction, Hemorrhage, or Gravedigger.
  • Watch out for Hades Shard - the runner may (on their turn) install it and then use its trash ability to access your Archives with no opportunity for you to rez or use JH to move agendas out of Archives in-between.
    • This is because in the action window following the Hades Shard being installed the runner as current player has priority to use effects, before the Corp player

Final Thoughts

  • one of the most flexible and powerful cards in the game, 2-3 copies of JH is extremely common in decks across all Corps.
  • occasionally some decks don't need him though, eg a rush deck that attempts to quickly score agendas as soon as they are drawn
  • in closing, let us say the lord's prayer:

Our Jackson, who art in my deck
Howard be thy name.
Thy install come,
Thy drawing be done,
In all decks, as it is in NBN.
Give us this day our daily cred,
And forgive us our trashed agendas,
As we also have forgiven Whizzard for trashing you.
And lead us not into agenda flood,
But deliver us from R&D lock.
For thine is the deck,
And the OP,
And the glory,
For ever and ever.

(by Ravengm & friends,

Personally I'll be glad when JHow rotates out - he's in almost every corp deck as a 3 of auto-include and he displaces other cards that do similar things because he's just far better than competing cards. I think he would've been better limited to one per deck. —

The executive that no Corp can live without. Free to rez, gives 2 cards per click, has a fairly steep trash-to-rez ratio, is one influence and can bring cards back from the dead. Almost every corporation deck can benefit from this card, even just to bring back trashed operations. This card is like Wyldside and Déjà Vu for the cost of free.

Never give a Gorman Drip v1 a single token. Save up a couple influence points as a Corp for Mr. Howard, you won't regret it.