Program: Icebreaker - Killer • Install: 0 • Memory: 1 • Strength: 2 • Influence: 3

0: Break sentry subroutine.

1: +1 strength.

When an encounter with a piece of ice in which you used Faerie to break a subroutine ends, trash Faerie.

Do you believe in faeries?
Criminal • Sara K. Diesel • Future Proof 104
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An extremely strong card. This fits very well with the Criminal playstyle, since it allows for almost unparalleled early aggression. On turn one you can slap this on the table and run without much fear, since any sentry that you encounter you'll be able to deal with easily, and there aren't many threatening code gates other than Merlin and a few others. It doesn't stick around, but after it leaves you can install your main sentry breaker like Femme Fatale or Mimic -- plus, it only requires a click to draw and a click to play, so losing it isn't too bad. It can also do pretty well in a Shaper deck, since they have so much recursion, but at the same time 3 influence is hard to make room for. Overall, one of the best one-shot breakers out there.

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