Burke Bugs

Burke Bugs 0[credit]

Ice: Sentry - Destroyer
Strength: 0
Influence: 1

[subroutine] Trace[0]. If successful, the Runner trashes 1 program.

"If I had to describe the bugs in one word, it would be '****ing annoying.'" -Whizzard
Illustrated by Reza Ilyasa
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Future Proof (fp)

#119 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
Future Proof

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There is a good use for this card: teaching new players.


I mean the card functions exactly how you would expect, and at a 0 cost that trashes programs, the power curve isn't wrong.

But there are all kinds of things that this shows a new player:

It shows them that you can't assume that a broke corp cannot Rez stuff. It shows them how a trace works. It might help them learn how to facecheck ice without fear. It might give en example of why you might not want to break a subroutine, ie if you have them playing an Andy deck and they have a Faerie installed it shows them the you can use the trace to make the corp spend money and then. I mean if you break it you lose Faerie, so why not make the corp pay for you to lose Faerie, right? It will help them learn to count influence, ie if you have Burkes and

It's not something they will see in most games, but it's a clever handicap to give yourself why they are getting used to card pools and basic skills.

(The Underway era)
Very nice! You make a compelling argument for including it in a teaching Corp deck. —
"...if you have Burkes and" ...and what?! The suspense is killing me. —
I'm still waiting 2 years later. We'll never know! —

Burke Bugs may be free to rez, but it also does nothing until you spend credits on the trace. Even if you are in a situation where the runner is broke so you can afford to boost the trace, they still get to choose which program is trashed. The only place it could potentially do anything is with cards that give recurring credits to spend on a trace, like NBN: Making News or Primary Transmission Dish. But even those cards usually have far better trace-cards to combo with.

Generally regarded as one of the worst ice in the game, it's incredibly hard to justify including in a deck. If you manage to make it do anything please report it in the comments!

(The Underway era)
It /might/ become barely playable with the new NBN cards from Data & Destiny. Tracers are getting a big boost. However, there are still far better options than importing this one. —
@umchokya Even worse is that this card somehow lacks the tracer subtype. —

This card utterly smashes runners with no money who rely on a single program. In all other cases, it's still pretty good. Its zero strength means it can easily bait out Parasites and voids Datasucker completely (although if your opponent is bad enough to run Datasucker you probably didn't need this card to win in the first place). It's a very surprising, very cheap card that will ruin most runners' everything. Also has great synergy with cards like Mutate.

(The Underway era)
Anyone reading these troll reviews, please upvote the other, genuine reviews for these cards, to help bury the troll reviews. —
Can we actually vote to remove a review or something? —
Great synergy with Mutate. XD You slay me. I don't understand why people are getting mad about these, they are hilarious. —
I mean, he's not super wrong on the mutate thing. Free to rez, plus it's so bad that it won't get parasited away. Perfect target to trash for mutate! —
I would love to be able to vote to remove reviews. Troll reviews of cards really do a disservice to this site as a database. Especially for new players. —
These are the only reviews I vote up. —
Im a new player and I agree, these troll reviews are annoying. However there's not much you can to stop it. —