Levy University

♦ Levy University 3[credit]

Asset: Ritzy
Trash: 1
Influence: 0

[click], 1[credit]: Search R&D for a piece of ice, reveal it, and add it to HQ. Shuffle R&D.

"Just another factory, making good corporate drones for the machine. Their CS department is the best in the world, though." -g00ru
Illustrated by Henning Ludvigsen
Decklists with this card

Creation and Control (cac)

#24 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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Ice tutor ! Levy University, you should have been so great if you weren’t so crappy !

What’s the problems with you ?

  • you cost 3 to rez, which could be acceptable if for the rest,
  • you ask for one more and to apply your effect,
  • you send the fruit of your fishing in the HQ, that ask for one more (and s, probably) to fully apply,
  • you can’t defend yourself : 1 as trash cost, so we must protect you to enhance our protection.

Had we been keen on using you as a one shot, we should consider you as a double event with a 4 credits cost. That’s pretty expensive for something that let us with an installation to do. Well, done as an asset, at least you force the runner to spend and few not to let you on the table (if they ever care).

But still. We as Corp need to put on average a dozen and half of ices in our deck and furthermore must play a lot of them. We’re not like Runners, who just can go with 3 different icebreakers on their rig, so prefers to put a few of them in their deck along with tutors.

So why bother to give you a slot ? Let’s just put a piece of ice instead.

(Data and Destiny era)
The worst part about an ICE tutor in the abstract is that you're also reducing the number of non-trashable, non-stealable cards in R&D. Having to reveal the ICE is also a nasty piece of information revealing that even the greatest of head-fakes aren't getting value. —