Agenda: Security • Adv: 4 • Score: 2

The advancement requirement of NAPD Contract is increased by 1 for each bad publicity the Corp has.

As an additional cost to steal NAPD Contract, the Runner must pay 4.

Neutral • Viktoria Gavrilenko • Double Time 119
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NAPD Contract

This card is the bane of every clutch run. Balance your economy perfectly to get through that remote, only to find you're now 4 short of scoring points.

It forces the runner to spend even more time and tempo having 4 spare just in case they find that NAPD. It's a 4/2 so you will need that extra time to score it, but the corp can pair this agenda with other equally annoying cards for the runner like:

A great agenda in any deck, but especially those annoying taxing ice suites. Imagine installing behind a Data Raven and asking the runner to either spend to avoid a free tag opportunity but then not able to afford the steal, or letting the power counter happen and getting Scorched right away.

Or just let them take the Agenda, to get them out of pocket for a Midseason Replacements or easy SEA Source tag, and have at it.

Brutal agenda, and the only downside is that it's a 4/2, and shouldn't be run in any Bad Publicity decks, which isn't a problem unless the runner ID Valencia takes off even more than she already has.

This agenda is .... so much fun. ;) —
Unless your playing agains Valencia —