Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center

Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center

Identity: Division
Deck size: 45 • Influence: 17

The first time each turn you create a remote server, draw 1 card.

Only the News You Need.
Illustrated by Emilio Rodríguez
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Upstalk (up)

#5 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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NEH is extremely powerful for two reasons:

  1. Its ability makes any deck better regardless of build - it allows you to draw into your Biotic Labor, Scorched Earth or AstroScript Pilot Program even faster. Like EtF or Kate, it rewards you for doing something you were going to do anyway.
  2. 17 influence is great but in NBN it's crazy good because every corp deck is running 3 x Jackson Howard, so you're basically playing with 5 more influence than your standard 15-influence non-NBN corp deck. 3 x Scorched/Biotic and Jackson with 5 influence to spare is fantastic.

Making News, TWIY and Haarpsichord all have their merits but it's hard to compete with the speed, consistency and flexibility that NEH offers. The new NBN IDs in Data and Destiny look really interesting, but I think it's a fair guess that NEH will still be the king through the next cycles unless the conventional fast advance and Scorched builds get nerfed hard.

(The Universe of Tomorrow era)
no idea how this id got printed with 17 influence ... —
The first point is a bit overstated. The deck needs to play wide with assets in order to get use out of the Id ability. —
Not sure why this id has 17 influence either. NBN has the 3 best agendas: AstroScript, Breaking News, and Explode-a-palooza. NBN has Jackson, so they don't have to spend 3 influence on him. NBN has the best upgrade in the game, namely SanSan City Grid. Even with the MWL, NBN has no business having the highest influence. Discounting Custom Biotics which has a huge restriction, Titan Transitional is the only other ID with 17 influence. And now there is going to be another NBN id with 17 influence! Doesn't make sense to me. —