Zona Sul Shipping

Zona Sul Shipping 2[credit]

Influence: 1

Place 1[credit] on Zona Sul Shipping when your turn begins.

[click]: Take all credits from Zona Sul Shipping.

Trash Zona Sul Shipping if you are tagged.

"They'll deliver anything to anywhere. Make sure to request air holes if you're shipping someone important, though."
Illustrated by Mauricio Herrera
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All That Remains (atr)

#97 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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OK, OK, before you put this card in your box and never take it out again, hear me out.

Spending 2 for a drip econ card that dies to the first tag you take seems like a huge drawback, and it can be. But let's take a look at it in a situation where it is supported.

Let's say you are running a resource economy. You are probably including The Supplier. If you're not, well, go consider The Supplier, yo! netrunnerdb.com

Installing this card off of the supplier costs a click and is delayed a turn. That's it. If it stays out for a turn after that, it has paid for itself. After that, it's free money. Get multiples of these out and you get a substantial amount of free cash. Supplement with a Kati Jones (also free on The Supplier), and you can have loads of cash in a burst. Getting 20-40 credits in the bank consistently late game will happen.

Doing this requires packing NACH and/or being careful in situations where you could be tagged. Empty Zona at the end of a turn if you think you might get SEA Sourced or Midseasoned, or before a run if you think you might get Snared or Ghost Branched. And, obviously, you need to watch out for pesky Breaking News plays.

A benefit to needing some of these support cards is that they are all the same support cards you need to run Rachel Beckman. She is more situational than Zona (and more expensive), but paying 6 for her off the supplier (and getting the instant extra click) is actually a pretty good deal. And 5 click turns are 5 click turns.

You might doubt the efficacy of this economy, but I've been running it in an Iain deck to great effect. I'm sure somebody could turn it into a monster with Andromeda... I just won't be that person.

(Order and Chaos era)
Another decent tag-avoidance system is Qianju PT. It's hardware, so more synergy with the Supplier, and unlike NACH it doesn't go away. —
Leela is perfectly happy with this card dripping creds while she prepares for her next T.K.O. Great form of pressure, forces the corp to play 1 click ahead of the game, always. —