Cybsoft MacroDrive

Cybsoft MacroDrive 2[credit]

Influence: 1

1[recurring credit]

Use this credit to install programs.

Cybsoft started by designing games. Eventually they just redesigned the same game each year, and to combat piracy created a dedicated machine to play it. Profits grew ten-fold.
Illustrated by Gong Studios
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All That Remains (atr)

#98 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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Prepaid VoicePAD costs 2 to install and gives 1 recurring credit for Events; Cybsoft's product does much the same for the same cost, but for Programs. If PPVP is good, CMD may be as well, right? Perhaps not so much: PPVP empowers events that don't normally persist so you're often playing more of them. Programs in general aren't being installed every turn, so you'll theoretically see less use out of that recurring credit.


• Unlike Sahasrara, this hardware consumes no MU.

• Unlike Ice Analyzer, the recurring credit isn't conditional on the Corp doing something.

• Unlike Cyberfeeder, the credit isn't dedicated to installing virus Programs.

• The MacroDrive does "force multiply" and as Hardware can be Replicatored.


• Where PPVP gives you credits for Events that, among other things, can make money, few Programs boost your economy.

• Unlike Net Celebrity (which doesn't stack, though) you can't use the credit to power Icebreakers (ditto Cyberfeeder).

• Hardware, barring Trade-In, isn't searchable and if you are going to tutor for Hardware it will likely be something more game changing than this.


• The aforementioned Replicator.

• Trashable Programs (Deus X, Sharpshooter, Grappling Hook) that often get re-installed by program recursion effects.

• SMC / recuring credits for mid-run program installs.

Nasir Meidan might like recurring credits hosted on cards that don't vanish in the face of a Pop-up Window.

(Up and Over era)

Oh wait what this exists?

So It's Kinda Like...

Sahasrara is the closest comparison. It costs you 1 at the benefit of being twice as good as MacroDrive. Generally, cards with higher power level are more popular if they don't cost too much. In this case, Rara is stronger and has the same install cost. Therefore, you'd only choose MacroDrive if:

  • You're short on Influence in a non-shaper deck
  • You're short on with your whole rig
  • You want this in addition to Rara (shoot dang, what are you installing so much?)

Good Combos

3 uses breaks even. You'd have to use this about 6 times to make it better than Easy Mark. With that in mind, there's a few combos this fits with nicely:

  • Khan+Raptors: The powerful derez abilities on Golden and Peregrine are held back by the expensive install costs for those breakers. Khan's 12 influence means you might not have enough for a Rara or two, so MacroDrive fits the bill nicely. Ice Analyzer could be suitable in this build as well, but I think MacroDrive will be better for consistency.
  • "Gamble for Days": This is the Aesop's+Cache+Tech Writer build usually found in Hayley. You make all of your install/reinstalls cheaper for each MacroDrive you have. It's not essential, but it does make each click yield 1 more.
  • Chameleon without London Library: You could slot this instead of Library to make your Chameleon installs cheaper.
  • Brahman: the need to slot "Brahman food" is tough because you generally only want programs that are free to install. MacroDrive can open up your options a bit, although you usually have enough free for Rara.

Bad Combos

There's also a few decks I wouldn't include MacroDrive in, despite possible synergy:

Final Thoughts

MacroDrive, like many recurring credit cards, is slightly overcosted, which makes it hard to use. It definitely requires a very specific build to make it good enough. The only reason Prepaid VoicePAD was considered strong was because it was combined with Kate's discount to only cost 1, AND it allowed you to play econ cards for cheap. This is similar, where outside of Kate it will be tricky to make this viable.

(Escalation era)

This card could be what the Cloud Breaking & Entering Breakers (Spike, Crowbar, Shiv) need to be even more economical. Will also help with support programs such as Crescentus and Sneakdoor Beta in faction.

(Chrome City era)
I'd like to note that this could be a cute little support card for Chameleon once its out, whether used in Kate (with 1 CMD) or Hayley (additional install), if you desired that sort of rig. :) —