Synthetic Blood

♦ Synthetic Blood 3[credit]

Resource: Genetics
Influence: ●●○○○

The first time you take damage each turn, draw 1 card.

Your heart deserves the best.
Illustrated by Ismael Bergara
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The Valley (val)

#7 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
The Valley

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Jinteki hate (and Argus to a lesser degree) for Shapers that saves them 1 MU and credits over the course of the game (I'm talking to you, Net Shield), but also functions as a drip Plascrete. For any Runner (Shaper) using Genetics, this is a MUST.

Plus, the Genetics flavor is delicious (pun intended.)

(Order and Chaos era)
This card is great. Anarch loves it with I've had worse. —
It can also mitigate the damage deliberately taken from Stim Dealer, Stimhack or Amped Up. —
I think this card is intended to be used with the self-inflicting cybernetics resources down the road. —
I completely forgot to mention those - thanks! —

The vigors from Bioshock is a great theme. This can be interesting if you're exile and have a hand full of programs you don't want now, plant into damage, draw cards for free (2 with GCS). Great hate on PE and Argus, but 3 is a touch steep, including the slot. At 2 inf, I can't see it going OOF. I probably won't run it, and most people probably won't, but in its build, it will be quite good.

With stuff like borrowed satellite and public sympathy it makes scorched slightly tougher too. It helps stimshop some in surviving damage decks. Massive PSF hate too, since we needed that. 2.5/5

(The Valley era)