Event: Current • Cost: 2 • Influence: 0

This card is not trashed until another current is played or an agenda is scored.

The advancement requirement of each agenda is increased by 1 for each copy of that agenda in the Corp's score area.

Neutral • BalanceSheet • The Valley 8
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Traffic Jam
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  • Standard Ban List 20.09 (active): Banned
  • Standard Ban List 20.06: Banned

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Far better than the hype its not getting. NAPD's become even more unscoreable, Astro is mildly affected, medical breakthrough gets effectively blanked, and 2/1s get a bit worse. Its nice that it's a current, and going into glacier town, this might make 4/2s see more play if people think it through. If you need a current for 0 inf to do nothing else but crack ELP or house keeping, this is a fair play. I think its fairly well costed, but 1 would have been fine. Interestingly the fragments seem good if this sees play.

(The Valley era)

While this is a card that probably needs to exist, I don't think we'll see many Runners start packing this because of it's only going to be effective against a very narrow spectrum of Corp decks. What it does, however, it does exceedingly well, and will make a very decent alternative to Clot.

So what does it kill?

(Order and Chaos era)
I feel like it also has some secondary value to interfere with any deck that is obviously 3x a few different agendas, and also just as a Current to counter Corp Currents. —
It makes scoring a second Government Takeover nigh-impossible. —
Government Takeover is a 1 of agenda so it's already impossible to legally score a second :p —
Oh SPHNX, way to ruin the joke. —
To be fair, the joke wasn't very thought out. Now, not scoring a second Philotic Entanglement. THAT's comedy gold. —

This card is mostly punishing HB and NBN since they are the only factions with 6 3/2's available to them Accelerated Beta Test & Project Vitruvius, AstroScript Pilot Program & Project Beale.

Seems best played once the corp has scored 4 or 5 points (depending on the spread). There's definitely something to be said about forcing your opponent to score a 3/1, 3/2, 4/2, or 5/3 as a 4/1, 4/2, 5/2, or 6/3...

(Order and Chaos era)
Don't forget turning 2/1s, i.e. Hostile, Clone Retirement and Breaking News into 3/1s, as well as turning the third Astroscript into a 5/2 if the corp has already scored the first two ;). —
Don't forget Project Atlas. —
Atlas doesn't care as much about Traffic Jam; it's still a 4/2 that gives you a clickless tutor with or without Traffic Jam. —
Yeah, both Vitruvius and Atlas don't get punished as badly if the Corp already intends to over-score them. And yes Icey, messing up Hostiles is a big deal. I'm not too worried about Breaking News, most NBN decks only ever intend to score 1 anyways... —