Event • Cost: 2 • Influence: 2

Expose 1 non-ice card, then make a run.

"So, yeah, I just reverse engineered a tracer, and then built it back up with some new lines of code. Pretty stellar." -Los
Criminal • Camille Kuo • Daedalus Complex 5
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Spot the Prey
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Spot the Prey is not a very good card. First off, I'd like to say that expose is a fairly underutilized mechanic. It is great to have if just to deal with Mushin No Shin, but it can be hard to find room in your deck and so, many times, runners have little or no means to expose cards. If you do find room to include an expose card or two, though, I would suggest something else.

Lets compare to Infiltration, an influence free neutral card that has been around from the beginning. In most cases, Infiltration is a lot better than Spot the Prey. Infiltration is free to use. StP costs 2 , which is way too much for what you are getting. Infiltration can expose ICE while StP cannot. In general you want to expose non-ICE cards, but perhaps in a rare case you want to expose a piece of ICE. Infiltration gives you that option. Nothing worth exposing? Infiltration gives you the option to gain 2 instead. This isn't game changing, but I'm sure we've all had times where we were short 1 when we needed it.

Now the one area where StP beats Infiltration is in click compression, but only sometimes. If you use StP on a newly Mushin'ed card and see it is an agenda, then you can go grab it with the same click. This click compression costs you 2 though, not always worth it. And there are times when you won't want to make a run after. Say the Corp has four servers. The three central servers are protected by ICE that you aren't currently equipped to deal with. The new server contains a triple-advance Junebug. In this case, you'll just need to run at the Junebug and jack out. You didn't get any benefit from the run component of the card. Now it is worth noting that you don't have to run at the server with the exposed card. You may choose to run at R&D for an access after the exposed card turned out to be a trap.

All in all though, I don't expect to see this played. If you find yourself wanting to include some expose in your deck, there are better choices. Try Infiltration, Drive By, or even Lemuria Codecracker.

(Daedalus Complex era)
I just want to know how this isn't a run event. Fail. —
I didn't notice that, weird indeed. —
Yeah...it might have even been worth using with Planned Assault to have easily tutorable expose...I mean probably not but still —
What? This isn't a run?! Holy dicks, this game is growing less and less consistent. —
Seems to be a card that supports that Blackguard deck nobody is playing. —
Making this a Run event would have been PERFECT for my Ken Tenma Blackguard deck that I don't have, in the meta full of Junebugs and Overwriters we've never seen. Why does this cost anything play? —
At least they didn't include a typo in the flavour text. Oh wait.. —