Upgrade • Rez: 0 • Trash: 3 • Influence: 1

Whenever you rez a piece of ice protecting this server, Trace [2]– If successful, the Corp gains 1credit.

"It's all about M.E. Monetizing Everything." -Eryn Nielle
NBN • Tim Durning • Blood and Water 75
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Traffic Analyzer
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So lemme get this straight. If you rez a piece of ice protecting this server and you win a lowly trace2 you get a whopping 1. Well I guess all little bits help. The runner probably won't even bother to trash this since it's so unlikely that you'll get more money out of it than it than it takes to trash it.

Yeah, it's 0 credit to rez. But it's a deck slot, those are valuable. And it gains you at best, what, 3-4 credits for a very heavy server? Since when does NBN do glacier btw?

Maybe I'm missing something but I don't see any kind of real world viability. I mean, Beanstalk Royalties gets you about the same best-case money more reliably and at only the cost of one pip. And if you have enough credits plain old Hedge Fund is even better.

Yeah, monetizing everything sounds great, but seriously... Ms Nielle, I wonder what you're smoking.

(Blood and Water era)
I can see this being used in an ArbTech style Making News deck as further econ hate, though. That kind of a quick, frustrating credit swing could really throw off the math of runs. —
I wonder if there is an upcoming Ice that rezzes and derezzes a lot. Even then, it's still hard to justify this card. —