Meteor Mining

Meteor Mining 5/2


When you score Meteor Mining, you may gain 7[credit]. If the Runner has at least 2 tags, you may do 7 meat damage instead.

"I've got a rock!" - Charles "Mad Dog" Brun, Comet Jockey
Illustrated by Mark Molnar
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Blood and Water (baw)

#76 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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A pretty hilarious agenda that I think works perfectly in a kill-focused Jemison Astronautics: Sacrifice. Audacity. Success. or Blue Sun: Powering the Future deck.


Murders the runner in the face when they thought they were safe because they trashed your BOOM!

Even if it doesn't finish the job, you still got 2 points

Nets you 2 if they aren't tagged, useful because the credit sink for scoring a 5/2 often leaves Corps at a disadvantage

You are taking an asteroid and throwing it at people

Combos perfectly with Psychographics


Takes up more agenda slots while not being any easier to score or protecting itself

Can be stolen prematurely

damage can be negated with proper protection

Overall I think this is a hilarious agenda. Probably best if you can Fast Advance it. You also want your deck to be built around it, as 5/2s are terrible if you don't fully take advantage of their abilities

(Blood and Water era)
It is hilarious, yes. Sadly, you will also never see it used, because if you could pull out the kill effect, you could just boom them, and if you are scoring without tags, you are coming 2c ahead through scoring a 5/2, which is just terrible. —
I think it would be mediocre as a 4/2 or 5/3. But as a 5/2? I just fail to see the value of this card... —
I'm a newer player but it seems like the advantage is first in the fact you get a Boom! out of something you were already doing (scoring), without clicking and you can do it again later with 24/7 news cycle. in other words the value is that you can do silly agenda stuff to it. Does that make it worth it? I couldn't say. —
The problem is that Weyland has a very hard time landing two tags. It will be even harder when midseason rotates... Perhaps this could work with a Zealous Judge shenanigan...? —

For those, who don't already know : take a look here and here.

I love it!

So i must have at least twohundret characters, thats a shame, really a shame.... More characters. Even more characters.

I think i got it.

(Crimson Dust era)