Asset • Rez: 3 • Trash: 3 • Influence: 2

When your turn begins, the Runner draws 1 card, then you may gain 1credit for every 2 cards in the grip.

"Welcome to Azmari Mail! You have 4,196 unread messages."
NBN • Kathryn Steele • Council of the Crest 56
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Seems of dubious use. Best case scenario, you rez at the end of the Runner's turn and they have a full grip. Then, you gain 3 credits -- breaking even.

I guess you could pair it with Palana Agroplex.

(System Core 2019 era)
Definitely works well with Palana too. The best use of this card is forcing the runner to keep drawing... and then eventually run out of stack. Great for PU builds, is non-unique, and gives money to boot. —