Amani Senai

♦ Amani Senai 2[credit]

Asset: Character
Trash: 4
Influence: 4

Whenever an agenda is scored or stolen, you may trace[X]. If successful, add an installed Runner card to the grip. X is the advancement requirement of the scored or stolen agenda.

Azmari EdTech's most popular instructor, Amani Senai regularly broadcasts to millions of students.
Illustrated by Caravan Studio
Decklists with this card

The Devil and the Dragon (tdatd)

#76 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
  • Updated 2024-03-15

    ANCUR UFAQ 22 [Michael Boggs]

    If the Corp scores Medical Breakthrough, what is the base trace strength for Amani Senai?

    Medical Breakthrough’s ability is active before Amani Senai’s ability resolves, so if it’s the first copy of Medical Breakthrough to be scored or stolen, the base trace strength will be 3. Each additional copy in a player’s score area would lower the base trace strength by another 1.


One of the most hated asset from NBN. 4 to trash is no joke. And taking an installed card from the runner's board it a major tempo loss. Even worse if it is an "investment card", like Study Guide, The Turning Wheel, Trope or The Back.

Usually, the returned card will be a breaker. The most expensive one, of course. Returning Engolo in the grip will cost the runner one click and 5 creds. And this can be done if the agenda is scored OR stolen. Try running again after losing your main breaker.

Unless the runner play Sunny. In which case, this is a bad matchup, because it will probably cost the corp more than what it will cost for the runner.

Amani Senai is so good that it must be trashed at all cost for the runner. Otherwise, the tempo loss could cost the game for the runner.

Fortunately for runners, at 4 influences, it will not be seen outside NBN. But in NBN, it should be expected, especially NBN Controlling the Message. Because, even if the runner doesn't trash it, they will lose creds (from the trace) everytime an agenda is scored or stolen.

It is so good, that any NBN should ask themselves why NOT use it.

(Uprising era)