SSO Industries: Fueling Innovation

SSO Industries: Fueling Innovation

Identity: Division
Deck size: 45 • Influence: 15

When your turn ends, you may choose a piece of ice with no advancement tokens on it. If you do, place 1 advancement token on that piece of ice for each agenda point on all installed faceup agendas.

Illustrated by Johan Törnlund
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The Devil and the Dragon (tdatd)

#77 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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I really like this identity because of its utilization of a pre-existing mechanic: agendas that must be installed face-up. This identity introduces a new synergy with cards that may not have been played with previously due to their exposed nature.

Currently, there are five applicable agendas:

Transparency Initiative (CR) can also make other agendas function for this identity. Perhaps something to be considered with Government Takeover (CR)... that's six advancement tokens for free each round!

This identity can make advanceable ice very powerful very quickly on the cheap. If the Runner doesn't keep these agendas out of the servers, the ice can become insurmountable. Obviously, this can play well to a Glacier strategy. Some sort of fast-ish advance play could be possible, but then there's not necessarily full utilization of this identity.

All currently available advanceable ice:

While Builder (CR) and Oduduwa (CR) themselves are not advanceable, they could be well-utilized alongside these other cards. They can help continue to boost ice beyond the initial "dump" the identity can provide, since it only works on ice that don't already have advancement tokens.

To keep from running out of ice to place advancement tokens on, consider utilizing Constellation Protocol (CR), Trick of Light (CR) and Red Planet Couriers (CR).

An important reminder that agendas cannot normally be installed face-up, or rezzed. This makes the five agendas that work with this identity very important! Also, this identity does not work with agendas that have been scored, since they are no longer installed.

Rules page 8: Agendas cannot be rezzed...

Rules page 13: For , the Corporation installs a single agenda, asset, upgrade, or piece of ice from HQ, placing it facedown on the table.

(Kampala Ascendent era)
Also, the ID does not specify "on a piece of ice that may be advanced" turning those "<ICE> can only be advanced while rezzed" ice (e.g. Tyrant) into potential targets (a la Tennin institute). Similarly, non-advanceable ice can be targetted and used for tricks of light/ice advancement moving/ice advancement profiting mechanics (Commercialization). —