Asset: Cast • Rez: 2 • Trash: 4 • Influence: 1

The first time you draw a card each turn, draw 1 additional card. Add 1 of the drawn cards to the bottom of R&D.

"A new investment deal every morning! Grab the bull by the horns and take control of your future!"
NBN • Gong Studios • System Core 2019 108
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Daily Business Show
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  • If the Corp has multiple copies of Daily Business Show installed, the abilities stack on top of each other (e.g. two copies result in the Corp drawing 3 cards and adding 2 to the bottom of R&D). [Official FAQ]

  • The Corp does not have to tell the Runner whether they kept the first or second card drawn. The Corp must keep the two cards discrete from the rest of their hand, though, when deciding; the Corp can shuffle the two cards together to obscure which card was taken. [Official FAQ]


I'm testing two of these in NEH Astrobiotics in place of 1 Fast Track and 1 Marked Accounts. Smoothing draws is always good, and it's even better because on turns when you're able to capitalize it, it doubles your chances of drawing an Astro. There is also some minor synergy - if you draw from the NEH ability on the runner's turn, via Architect, you get to use Daily Business Show then too.

(All That Remains era)
Architect states "look at the top 5 cards", you don't draw them. shouldn't trigger if I'm not mistaken —
Architect also lets you install cards. If you do so and create a new server, it triggers NEH's ability on the runner's turn, which triggers Daily Business Show. —

Now that rotation is looming, this card might be a contender for decks that wish to avoid flooding their hand with any particular type of card. Jackson is gone, so we are no longer going to be able to recycle our archives to R&D as easily or frequently. The idea with this card is that you do not draw extra cards that you cannot use. You just get to select which card you are going to draw. It provides selection and you will find out that this is what you are looking for most of the time.

This effect is deceptively powerful. Because you now get to choose which of the top two to draw, you will more frequently draw the card you need now and not have surplus cards rotting in your hand like ice you cannot play, agendas you cannot score, or a combo of operations and/or assets that you do not have the time for currently. This effect is however not perfect, because you will occasionally draw two cards that you want both copies of.

There are also three small bonuses that are less well-known: This card breaks R&D lock if there is no multi-access in place. And: Because you will cycle faster through your deck, you do not need to include as many copies of a card as before in order to retain the same amount of access to that card. This frees up deck space. Finally, as stated by jrp: This effect triggers on both turns, so you can really get your value if you also draw a card on the runner's turn (Eli 2.0, Errand Boy, Tapestry, Advanced Concept Hopper...).

(Crimson Dust era)

A cheaper Mr. Li for the corp that ensures you get the cards you want in your hand, and maybe the agendas that you can't afford to install, defend and/or score out of hand for awhile or at least until you accidentally shuffle with Jackson.

A must trash for the runner early on, otherwise the corp can dictate his board state a lot more than you can. Other than that, the only real counter to this is Showing Off in the upcoming O&C but that's a situational card that you may not have deck space for.

(The Source era)