Agenda: Research • Adv: 5 • Score: 3

interrupt - When this agenda would be added to the Runner's score area from anywhere except Archives, instead it is added to their score area with 4 hosted agenda counters.

While this agenda is in the Runner's score area with 1 or more hosted agenda counters, it is worth 0 agenda points and gains "When the Runner's turn begins, remove 1 hosted agenda counter."

Haas-Bioroid • Patrick Burk • Uprising 97
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Project Vacheron
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Project Vacheron provides an interesting perspective on the topic of risk managment with scoring windows. Not only do you have to consider now if the runner can steal this agenda but also how far ahead you are so that you might still win even if the runner has theoretically scored all points.

In Sportsmetal this Agenda might be worth the risk to install and feed the runner (drag them through an expensive server first, of course!) while secretly planning your next score from hand already. If they don't take the bait, even better, you just scored 3 points.

This puts an interesting timer on the corp and while it might not be the strongest agenda currently it is certainly fun to play! I think it will see play in agressive corp decks looking to score as fast as possible.

(Uprising era)

Question, if the runner steals vacheron straight up, are they still vunerable to a puntive? or is the agenda being added to the score area similar to film critic which also says "add" the agenda to the score area.

F.A.Q 1.3.22 "When an effect adds a card to a score area, this is distinct from scoring or stealing an agenda. "

(I believe) the runner is still vulnerable to punitive if they steal this agenda straight up. Adding to the score area is distinct from stealing, but it is also a consequence of stealing. The runner is considered to have stolen the agenda, and during the steal, the add-to-score-area step of stealing the agenda is modified.