La Costa Grid

La Costa Grid 3[credit]

Upgrade: Region - Seedy
Trash: 4
Influence: 3

Remote server only.

When your turn begins, place 1 advancement counter on a card in the root of this server.

Limit 1 region per server.

Some slums of New Angeles are so worn down, City Hall calls the acres of windowless clone barracks "gentrification" with a straight face.
Illustrated by Eirik H. Kiil
Decklists with this card

Uprising Booster Pack (urbp)

#5 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
  • Updated 2020-04-13

    NISEI Uprising Release Notes [NISEI Rules Team]

    Does La Costa Grid's "Remote server only." restriction apply even while it is unrezzed?

    Yes. It cannot even be installed into the root of a central server.

    Can La Costa Grid be swapped to a central server?

    No. The roots of central servers are not valid locations for a card with "Remote server only." Cards can only be swapped if each card can legally exist in the other's location.

    What happens if somehow La Costa Grid ends up in the root of a central server anyway?

    It is trashed during step 10.3.1e of the next checkpoint.

    Can La Costa Grid place advancement tokens on ice protecting its server?

    No. La Costa Grid‘s ability must target a card in the server itself.


Similar to the reviews of Tennin Institute: The Secrets Within and Saraswati Mnemonics: Endless Exploration, you can advance a card, even if it doesn't specifically say you can. This adds to the mental games of netrunner,

Did the runner run through the remote, only to find a token on the PAD Campaign?

Are you tricking the runner to hitting the remote, where you have stored an ambush? Or are you slow playing a 3/1?

When you put this and another card down, was it perhaps a 4/2 or even Vulnerability Audit? Rez this, advance for free and AAA to score next turn?

(Uprising Booster Pack era)