Alolan Vulpix - I won a playmat with this

Sanjay 3542

I have not played Netrunner in a while but I did not want to pass up on an opportunity to play a GNK at a grocery store, especially one with as prestigious a reputation as Wegmans.

This deck marked a series of important firsts for me:

  1. the first time I played a GNK at a venue with an escalator
  2. the first time I won a playmat at a GNK for the second time in my life
  3. the first time, arguably, I played a GNK somewhere with adequate and clean bathroom facilities

Tempus vastly overperformed all expectations because expectations were extremely low, and I should cut a Divert Power for a second one. Thank you ten billion times to my friend Ian who recommended I cut an Ark Lockdown for the first one.

Out of three games, I won two of them, which is roughly the same success rate that Caprice Nisei has at keeping runners out of servers (assuming infinitely rich corps and runners). Caprice Nisei is an extremely good card. Ergo, this is an extremely good deck.

The numbers don't lie.

8 Jan 2019 osclate

I convince you to take out Nightdancer for Fairchild 3 and I get zero credit?? I mean, I know Ian's contribution was more important, but still...

8 Jan 2019 Sanjay

@osclate I'm mad this deck doesn't have Nightdancer!!!

8 Jan 2019 EnderA

Oh, wow. Kitsune + Mwanza City Grid is awesome! I need to try that!

8 Jan 2019 Sanjay

@EnderA It's a really funny interaction! I can't take credit for it, but at least I can take pride in being the first one to publish an HB list with it, standing on the shoulders of the giants who played in in Jinteki and NBN. There's still time to be the first one to pioneer Mwanza + Kitsune in Weyland!

8 Jan 2019 BizTheDad

Loving the Pokemon reference.

8 Jan 2019 BizTheDad

I don't think I've met a Mwanza City Grid deck that I haven't liked.

10 Jan 2019 BizTheDad

I'm now 6-0 on J-Net with this deck. It is seriously fun to play.

10 Jan 2019 Sanjay

@BizTheDad That's frankly ridiculous!