Renovating the Future (Linköping Summer Kit Tournament 1st)

tradet 235

Went 4-0 in a small local tournament, winning against Valencia, Haylee, Chaos Theory, Ian.

This was a totally new deck I didn't play before the tournament, but I liked the idea of space ice in blue sun using Hollywood Renovation. The space ice worked great, lot's of targets for Oversight AI and generally very taxing.

Hollywood Renovation is a really good card, making your servers more taxing/cheaper. You can also fast advance/overadvance The Future is Now, Project Atlas or Oaktown Renovation if you have a huge scoring server.

I'm not totally sold on Public Support, but it's decent as Archer fodder or for forcing the runner through a taxing remote without them really gaining anything. The deck is a little light on ice so it might be worthwhile to cut them for some more ice, or another Interns.

The Future is Now is such a good card. It's fairly easy to score as runners generally don't want to run too much at your remotes unless you're advancing something and the ability to search for any card in your deck is really powerful. You don't even have to show it to the runner. You can search for Adonis, another agenda, a kill card or even an ice all depending on the game state.

Negotiator may want to be another card. Initially I felt that two Archers were too many, but as it was fairly easy to stick a Public Support or even a The Future is Now my opinion is now changed. I like the combo Wormhole + program trashing.

13 Sep 2015 SlayerCNV

You can't fast advance nothing._.

14 Sep 2015 FarCryFromHuman

@SlayerCNV: Sure you can. Have your Hollywood Renovation advanced to at least 5 in a big scoring server. Install any agenda that costs 4 or fewer points to score. Advance HR twice, putting all 4 tokens on the newly installed agenda. Score it. Except for the other HR, he can score any agenda in this deck this way, and can also immediately score the HR he used to FA.