Caustic Mulcher (6th @ Feb 3 2024 AMT)

Ensades 111

This is basically Janktivist's Boomer Mulch with a few modifications:

  • I found I was rarely installing Tranquilizer (usually due to not having enough MU), so I swapped it for WAKE Implant. I think WAKE pairs nicely with all the trash effects and the multi-access has definitely won me some games.
  • Swapped out the Gachapons for Moshing. I just find it a little faster.
  • Went up to 3x Labor Rights. I don't mind the extra deck size - you still churn through the deck pretty quick when you want to and its some added protection against decks trying to grind you out.
  • I saw some other decks playing Avgustina to great effect, so I added her for some extra sabotage annoyance.

This deck went 1-2 in the AMT but in it's defense, one of those losses was against an upgrade-heavy Ob that was super teched against mulch decks. I managed to survive four Urban Renewals and two End of the Lines, stealing six points but getting taken out by an Angelique from hand. WAKE Implant could very easily have won me that game if the RNG gods were a little more in my favor. The win was against another Ob deck, for what it's worth. The other loss was against the Built to Last Azmari deck - the Tollbooths just ruined my day and I couldn't get enough credits to compete.

(And if anyone spotted it, the name Caustic Mulcher comes from a creature in Earthborne Rangers which is a game by fellow Netrunner enthusiast Andrew Navarro that I've been playing a ton lately)