B.L.Ob 20th and Undefeated at the CBI

coldlava 235

Big. Lucking. Ob. BLOb is based on SebastianK's Ob from world. The main thing I felt when trying the original is that all I wanted to do was get a critical mass of upgrades so they can successfully defend one another. To do this I cut from 74 cards to 59 but kept all the self defensive upgrades so you can get that critical mass sooner. Going to 3 Mavirus was both great for the Loup meta and helps you find the 2 costs and helps you find the 2s which are the most important cards in the deck: Warroid Tracker the best defensive upgrade in it, Regolith Mining License because the deck is so poor without it, and Drudge Work because I'm not scoring shit. A wake up call was included but wound up being unused on the day but is great to target Knob or Maw, worse case they take 4 and you clear out some steel skins.

Lastsly it's Big Lucking Ob as at least 2 matches I should have lost, one due to me not seeing a Flip Switch and playing Mutually Assured Destruction for one fewer tag than actually needed and the other due to one End of the Line being imped at time... only for the 3rd to be on the top of my deck for the mandatory draw. Thanks to Not Again and Aureates especially for helping me test and refine!

15 Jan 2024 sebastiank

YO. Grande Matcha Latte! I need to try this. My personal approach post-worlds to VML has been to add 3 rashida at the expense of a pivot/mad and make the gaslight/mavirus swap. I've also found that putting warroid on hq can be very annoying for Loup. Congrats on the undefeatedness!!

15 Jan 2024 jan tuno

FINALLY, some boys love ob. pass the yaoi!

15 Jan 2024 coldlava

Yea Warroid on HQ is huge. I know in at least one game I had all 3 out with on in each server. Thanks all and keep loving Ob!